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Take a Walk. Take a Walk.

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I can watch people die, I can watch people get hurt . I can watch people suffer aswell as I . It doesn't bring me to tears like music does . Music is an embodiment of soul . It has a link to our soul, for those who create music creates it through the corridors of their memories, their past, their future . Their time, their space, their life . Music is what this world is about .. Feeling, sense of familiarity. The ability to feel this world for what it is, not for what you wish it to be . Colours..Shades..Shapes..Sizes..Forms .. It's all the same.. Deep down, all of it.. is a part of us .. The things that were here before man .. Predeterminely set for us to notice, and appreciate .. Nature's work of art, untainted by man's indescrete judgement ; taste . Untouched by fallen wings . That the true beauty in this world .. This game is amazing, it has heavy inspiration . It is one of the best games I have ever seen . This is just inexplainably amazing .. You have inspired me, I have meen going through alot of turmoil due to emotional gates within me being blocked by my past, and what I wish I could of changed during my life . I am intertwined with the piano, I wish to bring some piano melodies of my own to Newgrounds .. Hopefully people will appreciate my preliminary actions .. Hoping they won't expcet me to give them the best piano solos, like Beethoven . It's not going to happen, if I keep working on it, I might make it that far .. I want to honorably thankyou . This has cleared my head substantially . I think, this great piece of bliss will be the key to my locked up talent . I want to see more of this, I really, really do . Thankyou for giving us a present of soul. The only other ones I felt this kind of inspiration was the Colour My World series . 5/5 10/10 . Can't stop listening to ''Earnest'' . This is a phenomenon .. *Bows*
- The Anti Matter -

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